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Social Media Solutions Service Mauritius

Our customer support service models are designed and unique to each client – to your needs in social media ... and beyond. Apollo blake leads the industry in Mauritius in social media solutions. Our contact/call center in Mauritius is designed specifically for each client to provide custom solutions, including social media. Today, many companies attempt to manage their social media as an “extra” duty assigned to an individual or two. It is too important not to put a primary focus on your social media solutions. Social media is key today in how your company is viewed. In Mauritius, Apollo blake and its leadership team possess the experience and knowledge in social media solutions – it is core to our service. “Service …. Is our state of mind” is our mantra.

Did you know?

According to Gartner, customer churn rate can increase by 15% if organizations fail to respond to customers on social media. What is your social media management program? At Apollo blake we have been managing social media solutions for a decade, ensuring our clients are always in contact with their customers!

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