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Call Center (Centre) Mauritius

Apollo blake is the premiere call center (centre) in Mauritius.We are a specialized call center (centre)/contact center (centre) that provides tailored customer care and back office (BPO) solutions for businesses who needs, services or products inherently require a specialized touch. Since 2008, Apollo blake’s call center (centre) in Mauritius has been servicing a global clientele on 5 continents providing customized services through phone, email, technical, live chat, social media, and back office (BPO) support. We are the answer for companies seeking customer care/BPO support in which the traditional “plug-n-play” call center (centre) factory simply will not work nor meet the level of expectations your customers deserve. Apollo blake sets itself apart from every other call center (centre) in Mauritius – and the world as well!

Did you know?

Agent turnover (annual) in the call center industry ranges from 30%-45% in the US (QATC) to over 50% in major off-shore locations. At Apollo blake, in Mauritius, we average less than 7% agent turnover. In addition, all of our leaders have been with us since our first year, a decade ago! Continuity is key to our success – and yours, with Apollo blake!




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