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Outsourced Customer Service Call Center Mauritius

Call center (centre) customer service outsource solutions are abundant and spread across the globe. Unfortunately, the “outsource model” has changed very little in the past few decades. We, at Apollo blake, are unique.  Our call center (centre) in Mauritius is owned by a dynamic US company whose founders have been in the call center

(centre)/customer service outsource business for over 45 combined years. We have seen the stagnation and poor performance in the call center (center)/BPO

outsource industry. The answer is our model: design specific customer service call center (centre) solutions to meet each individual company’s unique requirements – and most importantly, their customers’ specific needs. In the competitive global environment today, most companies are obligated to outsource their customer service call center (centre) and BPO activities - Apollo blake understands this situation. Our Mauritius call center (centre) is focused and experienced on successfully integrating your outsource team in Mauritius with your local/in-house team – wherever and whenever your needs exists.

Did you know?

Telecommunication advancements and call center cloud solutions allow customer support teams to be located virtually anywhere in the world today. At Apollo blake, we have been supporting clients 24/7/265 on 5 continents for over a decade!


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