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BPO Mauritius

Apollo blake is the premiere BPO center (centre) in Mauritius. We are a specialized BPO and contact center (centre) that provides tailored customer care and back office (BPO) solutions for businesses whose needs, services or products inherently require a specialized touch. Since 2008, Apollo blake’s BPO center (centre) in Mauritius has been servicing a global clientele on 5 continents providing customized services for back office processes and requirements. We have provided this service in the financial, legal, transportation, ecommerce, travel, gaming, telecommunications, and entertainment industries – just to name a few! Every company functions differently – we design each BPO solution specific to your company’s unique needs. Apollo blake sets itself apart from every other BPO center in Mauritius – and the rest of the world as well!

Did you know?

The decision to outsource business processes is to enable you to focus on your core business and free up capacity in-house. In the competitive markets today, you need every advantage you can take to contend. At Apollo blake, we partner with you to free you up to concentrate on your strategic vision!

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