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Customer Service Mauritius

Apollo blake in Mauritius brings back true customer service. Many will not admit it, but the fact is that customer service in general, across the globe, is poor. Far too many in the industry have lost their focus on metrics and fancy acronyms. They have forgotten the simple mission: service the customer. In Mauritius, we have not forgotten that! Your customers will probably not speak with your executives; however, they will eventually interact with a customer service agent! Our culture revolves around service … FOR your customer. Your business exists because of your customers. You must properly and effectively provide a service that (at a minimum) meets their expectations. That is why we customize our Mauritius customer service – BPO solutions for each client. At Apollo blake – service …. Is our state of mind.

Did you know?

60% of consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 regularly use live chat for customer service (State of Global Customer Service Report). Do you have all channels open to speak with your customers: chat, email, voice, active social media management? At Apollo blake, we do for our clients by customizing each customer service solution specific to their needs!

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