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Offshore Outsourcing Company Mauritius

For many companies, offshore outsourcing their customer service function is the appropriate answer. An old, but wise saying, “leave it to the experts” still holds true today for any company. What is the true competency of your company? Product design, ecommerce, web services? In Mauritius, Apollo blake’s core competency is designing, implementing and operating customer care and BPO operations. Our leadership has been in the offshore outsourcing industry for over 20 years and the company has grown with the offshore outsourcing migration to Mauritius (and throughout the world). But, we have never lost the primary focus on the timeless, basic principles of customer service!  Small emerging businesses, medium-sized seasoned companies or Fortune 100 – Apollo blake possesses experience with all in an offshore outsourcing environment. We, in Mauritius, understand the circumstances of outsourcing and design each client’s solution to fit seamlessly in your company’s organization to support your strategic vision!

Did you know?

Initially uninhabited, the first colony established in Mauritius was by the Dutch in 1683. It is accepted, though, that early Arab sailors visited the island during the Middle Ages. Though tablets found by the Dutch have not survived, it is thought possible that the island was visited by the Greeks or Phoenicians.

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