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Bilingual Call Center (Centre) Mauritius

Part of our diverse call center (centre) offering at Apollo blake is our bilingual capabilities. We provide call center (centre) support in English and French, both written and spoken. Mauritius is truly a bilingual country. Their history reflects a deep association with both the United Kingdom and France – in culture, governmental design and language. The key to proper bilingual competency is the repetitive use of both languages – on a daily basis. In Mauritius, the population is exposed daily to radio, television, governmental functions, visitors, expatriates, and businesses who communicated in English and French. Everyone in Mauritius is exposed to this at a very young age and consequently “grow up” with a bilingual proficiency. Apollo blake’s bilingual agents further extend our call center’s competences to provide efficient and effective call center (centre) solutions.

Did you know?

Mauritius is a truly bilingual country. At Apollo blake, we provide services for almost all our clients in two languages – English and French. For some customers, we also provide several additional European languages!

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