Did you know about Business Process Outsourcing Mauritius?

6 Facts about BPO

Business Process Outsourcing

in Mauritius!

1. The decision to outsource business processes is to enable you to focus on your core business and free up capacity in-house. In the competitive markets today, you need every advantage you can take to contend. At Apollo blake, we partner with you to free you up to concentrate on your strategic vision!

2. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs, reported that it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. Client retention is, really, easy – respond to your customers and solve the issue. At Apollo blake, we know how to keep it simple and your customer happy!

3. Time zone advantage. Mauritius is UTC+4, putting us ahead of Europe and North America. This provides Apollo blake the advantage of completing BPO work during your “night” to be ready for you the next working day!

4. Initially uninhabited, the first colony established in Mauritius was by the Dutch in 1683. It is accepted, though, that early Arab sailors visited the island during the Middle Ages. Though tablets found by the Dutch have not survived, it is thought possible that the island was visited by the Greeks or Phoenicians.

5. Mauritius has been an offshore banking location for Europe and Indo-Asia since the early 1980’s. They have developed the reputation, security, and stability to be a premier, global location. This helps bring advantages to Apollo blake in recruiting, culture and long-term stability.

6. Mauritius’ strategic location in the Indian Ocean accesses 3 sub-oceanic fiber optic cables to ensure connectivity with the world – both east and west. At Apollo blake, we support clients on 5 continents 24/7/365!

Apollo blake

Service … is our state of mind.

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