Inbound Call Center Solution Mauritius

Although technological advances today offer a multitude of non-voice channels to communicate with your customers, there will always exist a need for many companies to maintain an inbound call center (centre) solution. Apollo blake’s customized inbound call center (centre) solutions from Mauritius have been supporting happy customers for a decade.

Written words can be personalized to a degree, but not like two people speaking. Demeanour, accent, intonation and tone – the list goes on – can make a significant impact on your customers’ perception of your company. This is where Apollo blake’s inbound call center (centre) solutions in Mauritius will set you apart from your competition. We utilize a proprietary training program based on decades of experience that each agent goes through before they even are matched with and assigned to a client. At Apollo blake, in Mauritius, we can provide an inbound call center (centre) solution for you that will put you ahead of your competition!

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