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Outsourced Technical Support Service Mauritius

Part of Apollo blake’s customer care solutions is outsourced technical service support. As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology for almost every aspect of our lives, there is an ever increasing requirement to service and support these platforms. Now, because of the billions of users of technology, “technical support” is a component within the customer service support expectation.

At Apollo blake, in Mauritius, we have the experience, resources and talent to support a wide array of outsourced technologies. Mauritius enjoys a broad talent pool to draw from who are educated at the Mauritius Institute of Technology, the various global technology training centers located on the island and/or degree holders/experience earned abroad. Outsourced technical service support is Apollo blake’s specialty! 

Did you know?

According to “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner, takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. Solving your customers’ issue, the first time, is critical. At Apollo blake, we recruit, train and develop agents specific to your industry, products and customers!



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