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Call Center (Centre) Training Mauritius

Apollo blake is the premiere call center (centre) in Mauritius.  We are a specialized call center (centre)/contact center (centre) that provides tailored customer care and back office (BPO) solutions for businesses who needs, services or products inherently require a specialized touch. We utilize a proprietary training program based on decades of experience that each agent goes through before they even are matched with and assigned to a client. Then, when assigned, we employ another round of training specific to each client’s industry, product, market and geographical location. Training is key to our model – continual training. At Apollo blake, in Mauritius, we have a dedicated department focussed exclusively on training for every client. Continuing development of each agent is key, and with Apollo blake’s call center (centre) solutions in Mauritius you will rise above your competition!

Did you know?

At Apollo blake, we have a training institute which provides classes and courses to the local population in Mauritius in a myriad of subjects. Because of our experience and expertise in our industry, Apollo blake is able to give back to the country by assisting in training the overall workforce pool.

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