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In the competitive global environment today, most companies are obligated to outsource their call center (centre) activities with pricing as a major consideration - Apollo blake understands this situation. Our Mauritius call center (centre) is focused and experienced on successfully integrating your outsourced team in Mauritius and its outsourced operation with your local team. Pricing is always

a factor but what we often see in Mauritius is the mistake of companies searching for outsourced call center (centre) options and not looking beyond just pricing. Efficient,

cost-effective and world-class solutions that deliver what your customers deserve are not solely price-based commodities. Apollo blake provides specialized call center (centre) and contact center (centre) solutions in the best cost effective manner for businesses whose needs, services or products inherently require a specialized touch.

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Mauritius, as an outsource location, fits well in the pricing model. More importantly, the value of your “dollar/euro spent” is superior. This is why Apollo blake chose Mauritius as a strategic location to build our unique customer care solutions!

BPO Mauritius | Call Center Mauritius is presented by Apollo blake, the leader in Call Center solutions and customer service support in Mauritius. 

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