Outbound Call Center (Centre) Solution Mauritius

An outbound call center (centre) solution can be a valuable component of your customer care offering. Please note, though, Apollo blake in Mauritius is not a telemarketing firm – we do not provide any services for the traditional consumer telemarketing programs. However, an outbound voice solution as a call center (centre) option can be valuable to certain

companies. Today, in Mauritius, we provide call back services to obtain more information to bring difficult customer issues to resolution, outbound calls for certain survey programs, and outbound call center (centre) solutions for customer follow-up programs. When appropriately intended, calling your customers directly can be greatly appreciated and valued. It can allow you to communicate at a time convenient for your customer, reflects your commitment and flexibility, and integrates into a full call center (centre) solution capability. At Apollo blake, in Mauritius – service …. Is our state of mind.

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More and more companies are utilizing outbound calling activities to provide pro-active customer care: notifications, renewals, etc. Having an outbound component to your customer care solution is important. At Apollo blake, we develop your solution to best service your customers!

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