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Regardless of our job titles or positions, we are all consumers. How often do you become frustrated or fail to find a resolution to your issue when you contact a call center (centre) or customer service desk? More often than should be acceptable? The customer service provided by any call center (centre) is a direct reflection on the company it supports.

Customer service agents ARE the company as they interact directly with its customers. Apollo blake, in Mauritius, brings back true customer service in the

call center (centre) environment. Our culture revolves around service … FOR your customer. Your business exists because of your customers. You must properly and effectively provide a customer service that (at a minimum) meets their expectations – as Apollo blake does in Mauritius. That is why we customize our Mauritius customer service call centers solutions for each client. At Apollo blake – service …. Is our state of mind.

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According to a Gallup Poll in Business Journal, people are much more concerned with receiving complete service resolving their issues, than making the interaction “quick”. We see far too many customer service metrics keying on short talk times instead of servicing the customer completely to ensure a happy customer!

BPO Mauritius | Call Center Mauritius is presented by Apollo blake, the leader in Call Center solutions and customer service support in Mauritius. 

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