In Mauritius, at Apollo blake, we are here to support you, your operation, your customers and your strategic vision. Our call center support solutions are designed and unique to each client – they must be in order to support each of our individual clients’ customers effectively and appropriately. By definition support is: “a thing that bears the

Call Center (Centre) Support Mauritius

The key to Apollo blake’s success is our ability to understand the significance of the “support” function of our call center / BPO operation in Mauritius. As an outsource partner, we understand the intricacies of working in support of an operation geographically separated.

weight of something or keeps it upright”. Your business and future are dependent on the proper call center support. Apollo blake and our entire support model is designed and committed to bearing the weight of your call center and customer care requirements. We’ve been supporting clients on 5 continents from Mauritius for a decade!

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Consumer Reports National Research Center research on customer care shows the top irritant (75% of those surveyed) for consumers is not being able to get a live person on the phone. For all the technology and information out there, people still want to be able speak with someone. At Apollo blake, voice solutions are core to our expertise - focussing on true customer care and satisfying customers!

BPO Mauritius | Call Center Mauritius is presented by Apollo blake, the leader in Call Center solutions and customer service support in Mauritius. 

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