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Service … is our state of mind. Apollo blake call center (centre) in Mauritius is a provider of service. Though each solutions is different and unique according to each specific client, the focus is simple - service the customer. Too many service providers (around the globe and beyond Mauritius) view a call center (centre) or customer care operations as a

machine – its purpose to just roll along day-to-day. However, the expectation of service your client demands when they contact your call center provider isn’t

some robotic machine. Your customers deserve to be provided the best, personalized service possible. People, your customers, are reasonable and most have sensible expectations. Meeting those expectations starts with acknowledging your call center (centre) is an operation based on principles of service. In Mauritius, Apollo blake’s sole purpose is to be the provider that sets you apart from your competition!

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Mauritius has matured in the call center industry over the past 25 years. Located in one of the world’s premier technology cities - Ebene, Apollo blake is strategically located to provide superior customer support 24/7/365!

BPO Mauritius | Call Center Mauritius is presented by Apollo blake, the leader in Call Center solutions and customer service support in Mauritius. 

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